Rainy Day Blues…

Rain Thunder exploded in the skies. Rain pounded the streets and soaked our yard. Winds howled throughout the neighborhood. Usually, this scene fascinates me especially from within the coziness of my own home. This time, I couldn’t stand it. My kids couldn’t stand it. Storms with these sorts of winds meant not risking short trips along the highways where unexpected gusts could blow our vehicle into the next lane. Never mind the standing water that could send my sedan hydroplaning into a slide, worse, a spin. Storms like this meant staying indoors. But with two 3 ½-year-olds, staying indoors was not an option…at least for my sanity.

So, we drove to Valley Fair mall. As I’d expected, parking was difficult, spaces were non-existent. I spent about 20 minutes driving around the garages hoping for the parking gods to smile upon me. No luck. In the meantime, one of my daughters fell asleep. The other was insistent that we not go home. So off to Westgate Mall, where I hoped a smaller population of the South Bay may have sought refuge. On the way there, my other daughter fell asleep. So much for insisting on not going home. I searched for parking anyway…with no luck. [heavy sigh] Well, they were both asleep and the smart thing to do was to head home, giving them more time to snooze during the drive. Unfortunately, they both were looking for the mall when they woke up. Oh well. Sanity or not, I wasn’t about to venture out again. Reading books, painting horses, rocking baby dolls, playing with their new Lego train set – these would have to be enough…until bedtime.

Original It’s Never Easy, But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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