What Did You Say?

What_did_you_say_3 From the moment my girls were born, I strived for different ways to communicate, to understand their needs and wants. I wanted to know whether they were hungry or sleepy or needed a new diaper, often pulling my hair out as they screamed, trying to figure it out. I wanted them to be happy and I wanted to know what I needed to do to make them so.

At almost 4 years old, communication is no longer a problem. The demands are constant. The stories are plentiful. My girls are picking up and sticking to certain phrases – many of which neither my husband nor I use very often, if at all. Some of these, I hope, they’ll wear out and discard. Others, well, I’m sure they will become a permanent part of their speech.

“I am right. You are wrong.” They love this one for the most miniscule things like my saying the color is lavender when it really should be called purple. Unfortunately, I think this one is here to stay.

“It’s your fault!” Absentmindedly, I had put K’s shoes on the wrong feet. Minutes later, I told her she had to fix her shoes before we could leave. Oh well. Guess they found another way to say we were wrong about something.

“It was a accident, Mommy,” L said immediately after pouring the rest of her juice on her plate. Premeditation clearly has nothing to do with their concept of accidents.

“I didn’t mean to,” after K just poked L in the stomach with a spoon. Apparently the attack was prompted by L’s grunting at her. I guess intention needs to be better defined for our girls. Alternatively, teaching our kids the concept of ignoring someone is harder than I thought.

“You called me the wrong name.” Eyebrows furrowed, hands on hips, lips pursed. “Hmph,” she says and adds, “Just like Pappa.” This last part is funny. I really don’t think T makes that mistake more often than I do but for some reason, he’s the one that’s stuck with that moniker. Ha ha ha

Original It’s Never Easy, But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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