Caught By The iPod Bug

410pxipod4g_4 First let me say that I am one of the last to embrace technology until I absolutely have to. Early adopter, I am not. But it’s not because I’m afraid of technology. My entire professional career has been in hi-tech. Rather, I don’t jump into something because it’s kinda cool. Case in point, I didn’t carry a cell phone around with me religiously until I was running a marketing organization for an international hi-tech company. The necessity of being reachable by phone whenever and wherever finally became a part of my everyday worklife (note this is pre-children).

Necessity is always my first question. Do I really need it? How will it affect my worklife? Personal life? Carrying a cell phone around all the time made me worry that I would work even longer hours than I already did and eliminate the one period of time I had all to myself – during my commute to and from work. (OK, OK, maybe with thousands of other people but they weren’t in my car) And it did. In fact, I would get off the road when a discussion got a bit more intense and 100% of my attention was required for the discussion at hand (as opposed to the 50/50 while driving).

And now I have an iPod. Late to the show?  Yea, I know. That’s just me. But somehow this has creeped into my everyday world and made itself quite necessary. T put some speakers in our kitchen to hook up his iPod to and gosh it’s been fun dancing around to old tunes while I cook dinner or clean the kitchen. I got the latest and greatest iPod for Christmas – a little 80G silver box full of *my* choice of music. I would never have thought I’d say, “Forget the black pearl earrings. Forget the matching bracelet. What I want is space for more music. I *need* more space for my music.” I never thought I’d wish for a gadget Christmas but hey, “Never say never,” as the saying goes.

BTW, I only have music on my iPod though there’s plenty of capacity for pictures. I haven’t gone there yet. I’m afraid that if/when I do, I will be truly lost in the anticipation of future releases of this potentially life-encompassing gadget.

Original It’s Never Easy, But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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