Enough Is Enough…Isn’t It?

41dksmjyvl__ss260_ Or so, I try to tell myself. I just can’t help it sometimes. There are just too many cute things out there for twin almost-4-year-old girls. Thank goodness the holidays throughout the year give me new reasons to shop for just one more thing…and another…and another….

After the rush of the Christmas holidays, the next big thing on my shopping radar is our girls’ birthday. Yaaay! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), we already have lots of things to give them for their 4th birthday. You see, my inner shopper got a little out of control just before Christmas. As we surveyed the collection of presents for our girls, we decided we had to set some aside for their birthday – a short 3 months away. We just couldn’t give them EVERYthing…regardless of how much we wanted to. Their relatives are always very generous, which means we really could should curb our shopping appetites.

But THIS year, their birthday falls on Easter. And to a large extent, I’m feeling like my self-imposed shopping manacles have been unlocked. After all, it’s important that we separate the holiday from their birthday, right? I mean, they do need new Easter dresses. Their fancy shmancy ones from last year certainly don’t fit them anymore and they MUST have something nice to wear. But hey, that’s for Easter…not their birthday…kinda….

451pxwii_wiimotea_2 As it turns out, I’m not the only one thinking this way. T decided that they need must have a Wii … (ha ha ha – I can always count on T’s inner gadget geek to take over his sensibilities at times like this.) I just learned about this thing last night (yea, late to the game again, I know – see last post on Caught By The iPod Bug). It sounds sooooo cool. Of course, my mommy friends’ fantastic reviews have made it a “must have” in my world, too.

Oh well. So much for a level head and semblance of restraint from T. We’ll just have to figure out how we’re going to space out the big stuff they’ll “need” soon – bicycles, big girl beds – and whatever else we set aside from Christmas.

Original It’s Never Easy, But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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