Birthdays and Holidays Just Don’t Mix

Birthday So my girls’ birthdays are coming up…on Easter this year. I’ve been hesitant to plan anything for it. From the moment I realized it was on Easter, I’ve had this sort of dread feeling. Could be that it’s the holiest day of the Catholic calendar. Or that Easter egg hunts should be the activity of the day. Maybe because it’s the first day of Spring break at their school. Well, I’m certain it’s a combination of all the above.

I want the girls’ birthday to be special. I want this day to be celebrated by everyone. I don’t want their birthday to be second to a holiday, any holiday. I truly feel for those parents with children whose birthdays fall on or near Christmas and New Years Eve.

So, I decided to move their big birthday celebration (with friends) to a week earlier and have a small family celebration on the actual day. I don’t want to have to compete with Easter and all it means – religiously or otherwise – to make my girls’ day special. It took me a while to decide what to do. Some may think I gave in. Others may think I did the smart thing. I know I’m going to deal with the inevitable confusion my girls will feel and explain why we did it this way. On the other hand, they may grow up believing that birthday celebrations truly are special and start the week before their birthday. Either way, it’s better than feeling like their birthday is not a big deal because their friends seem more interested in Easter egg hunts or are off on family vacations.

But hey, I’m sure this is going to happen again (whether because of a holiday or other special event). So I’d really like to know how parents handle this. If you have to deal with this for your children, what do you do? Or if you have dealt with it all your life because your own birthday always fell on a holiday, I’d love to know how it made you feel. Leave a comment. I’d love some ideas.

Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun post by MommyTwinGirls.


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  1. My b-day is Dec 5, just far enough away to be it’s own thing, but only because my mom was super insistant about it. NO COMBO PRESENTS! As an adult though, I tend to kind of blow off my b-day other then having a nice dinner that night (sometimes that doesn’t happen either). Problem is that it’s the week after Turkey Day & the start of holiday season, so I’m competeing with family & holiday parites, plus my own Holiday To Do list. This year I’m turning 40 *gasp* and so is hubby (in Feb) so I think we’re going to do a combo party in the middle of January. Don’t worry, you’ll be invited, (this is big hannah’s mommy 😉 and it’ll be somewhere I don’t have clean up, set up or drive from, I’l working on that part.
    I also know parents who celebrate half b-days. On the actual b-day they have a small family celebration, cake & presents w/immediate family, but the kid’s party is 6 months later. We do this anyway, except just kid’s party on weekend, family dinner & cake w/presents on actual day.

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