Top Twins’ Terrible Threes Tantrums

Terriblethreestantrums_2 I just read this post by Nicole called Terrible Threes Tantrum Top Ten on Silicon Valley Moms Blog and it made me smile…and reminisce. It also brought back memories of one public incident that at the time
o made me want to pull my hair out,
o turn red from embarrassment,
o worry that a child services worker was lurking,
o hope that other parents sympathized with my plight (well, because they’ve had a similar experience).

More often than not, I felt a circle of support from other parents through their knowing smiles and nods of encouragement. In fact, I often find myself wanting to help out a parent in the midst of dealing with a crying/screaming fit from their own child(ren). My heart really does go out to them.

Anyway, that post so inspired me to remember and laugh, I thought I’d offer my own Top Twins’ Terrible Threes Tantrums. While their speech has gotten much better and one might think that they could adequately express their needs before plunging into crying fits of rage, think again. Here’s what I surmise might be going on in their outraged minds:

1. But you HAVE TO buy me the horsey! I know I have some at home. I need THIS one!
2. You didn’t put the right blankies on me! First is the blue one. Next is my Tinker Bell one and last is the yellow one. How am I supposed to fall asleep if you don’t do it right?
3. Mommy, you didn’t spread the [Norwegian] caviar over my cracker! I can’t eat this with all that cracker showing!
4. I don’t want to go to school every single day! I want to sleep. I want to play with my dolly. I want to go to the park.
5. How dare you wake me up! Can’t you see I was sleeping. I’M STILL TIRED!
6. Sister touched me! I don’t want her to touch me! I don’t want her to look at me!
7. I don’t want to walk to school! I want to drive in your car. Everybody else drives with their Mommy.

Thank goodness they’re turning 4 in two weeks.

Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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