Trivia of the Day

Trivia You know, sometimes you come across little known facts here and there that for whatever reason, stick in your brain for years. And at just the right moment, it pops into your brain to impress (or humor) whomever may be within hearing distance. I couldn’t begin to remember any other facts behind these pieces of trivia except that at the time I heard it, it rang true. Perhaps in this Internet/Wikipedia world, I could find other evidence to support these particulars but what the heck, if [the ubiquitous] they don’t believe me, they can go prove me wrong.

– Only 10% of the world’s population absorbs all the nutrients in milk. Learned this in a college course many, many years ago. Most drinkers are either lactose malabsorbers or lactose intolerant. Yet milk is considered such a “healthy” drink (probably is for our babies and children but adults? Hmmmm…). Funny, huh. That “Got Milk” campaign sure has us going.

– Did you know that the best time for children to learn new languages is between 0-2.5 years old and 4 – 7 years old? Between 2.5 years to 4 years old, the brain kinda shuts down and processes what it’s learned. It opens up again around 4 years old. Interesting, huh. I throw this one out whenever other parents wonder whether it’s too late (or early) to start teaching their children another language. Of course, I don’t believe these ages are absolute. The main point is that children’s brains are absorbing information from birth so hey, why not another language?

A new one hit me from the last General Meeting of our local parents of multiples club:

Valerie Lewis of Hicklebee’s Bookstore pointed out that there was an enlightening study done in England about reading to your children. While an expected outcome would be the increase in children’s vocabulary from reading books, another unexpected result was that the children whose parents read to them were often improved in…math. Interesting, huh. Gotta love these snippets of data that support something I already believe in.

Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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