First Easter Egg Hunt of the Season

Easter1_3 A massive Easter egg hunt at Los Gatos High School. The 12th Annual event, our first. At 11:30 am, our girls’ age group (4-5 years old ) would be unleashed on the spread of chocolate eggs, boxes of Dots, plastic eggs, lollipops and twizzle sticks. It would be pandemonium. Imagine about 100 little tots running and crawling around a 25 square yard space, snatching up the closest treats within reach. As we neared the end of the countdown from 10 to 1 and the “GO” sign, I got a little nervous. Our girls were only 1 week shy of their 4th year, so we opted for the 4-5 year olds age group. The younger age group included 2-3 year old children *with* their parents. This was our deciding factor – the fact that we knew our girls could should handle themselves just fine as they hunted the eggs (being in that “I’ll do it myself” phase).

The rules were clear – children only. There were two younger age groups previously that included parents of the children. For ages 4 and up, parents were specifically told to stay outside the pennant flags that bordered the hunting region. This was important for two reasons: 1) 4- and 5-year-olds would be able to egg hunt on their own and 2) it was easier for parents to keep an eye on their children from outside the egg hunting area. Unfortunately, many parents couldn’t help themselves and rather quickly after the start, several parents began roaming amongst the mass of children, obscuring our view of the girls. As often happens, the girls split up. After a couple minutes, we lost sight of both. We searched for a few minutes, becoming more nervous with each passing second, and when we lost sight of both, T entered the hunting area. It took a couple nervous minutes before we spied both. Whew!

K was distracted at the first run, tripping over another little boy. I could tell she wasn’t quite sure what she should do. She stared at the little boy for a few moments (probably expecting an apology) until he began gathering his goodies. This distraction caused her to hesitate a bit before diving into the spread of candies and colorful eggs. This gave other kids time to catch up but K gathered enough candies to fill her basket and was quite happy.

L, on the other hand, started off collecting the treats closest to her feet. That’s our girl – going for the prizes with the least effort required. Smart girl. L also liked the decorations and gathered pieces of the colorful streamers to adorn her basket. Lucky for her, since L was still in collection mode, she was in exactly the right place as the workers spread out more candy into the crowd of hunters. I led K back into the fray to snatch up more stuff.

Afterward, we headed for the pony rides – a favorite for our girls. They *love* animals. L stopped to pet and thank her pony for the ride. Not surprisingly, the sounds and multi-colors of the many carnival games drew us in – 5-pin bowling, lollipop tree, fishing, bowling and more. The skies darkened and rain started to fall. You would think it was time to go but no, the girls were ready for anything with their thick hooded raincoats. There was still a lot to do and they were very curious.

Farmor sought refuge under a large tree with rather thick branches while we visited the “Petting Zoo.” It had gotten a bit chilly and wet. In fact, we sought Farmor’s tree during a spate of hail. As we all decided that there was nothing more to see, we left…and the sun finally came out. Ha ha ha Wouldn’t ya know it?

Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.



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