Mourning the Passing of My Scrapbooking Fixation

Mourningscrapbooking_2 I think it’s official now. It’s the end of a long-run…scrapbooking habit. I never thought it would happen. Never thought I would hang up my scissors and double-stick tape to spend hours-on-end typing on the computer updating my blogs. I feel as if there’s a mountainous store of tales dying to get out of my brain. It’s an everyday thing. It ebbs and flows. Right now I’m on one long flow.

How did this happen? I was so passionate about scrapbooking. I literally spent thousands of dollars on the latest, trendiest in scrapbooking supplies. I started a company to design and manufacture scrapbooking embellishments. I didn’t think I could ever stop. Scrapbooking, for me, was what brought it all together – the photos, the creative design, the stories. But I haven’t been feeling it. I entered a couple digital scrapbooking contests to see if I could get my creative scrapbooking juices back and…nothing. I did end up having one of the layouts published in a scrapbooking magazine (which is was really excited about) but even that didn’t inspire me to keep going.

It’s not that I have stopped scrapbooking entirely. No no no…it’s just that for the most part, I’ve gone digital (well, when I’m not blogging). This way, it’s easy to switch from blogging to digi scrappin’ and back. As for the mountain of scrapbooking supplies, no worries. I have twin girls who are very much into art projects and such [makes me so proud!], so the equipment and materials will not go to waste. It’s amazing how quickly they can go through a stack of stickers and papers for their projects.

But I’ve changed. My focus is now more on improving my photography abilities and telling the stories. More often than not, those stories do not have photos associated with them. And I don’t want to lose them. I also became a co-editor of the newsletter for my parents of multiples club. I started editing and writing more. And the writing took hold, I guess. (If you asked my mother, she would say that I got it from my grandmother who had several poems and books published in her day.)

I was also roped (ok ok…so I allowed myself to be roped) into blogging for Silicon Valley Moms Blog by a good mommy friend of mine. And that’s when I got caught. I couldn’t stop thinking about the next thing I wanted to write. Then it became more personal – inappropriate for SVMoms. So, I started our personal family blog (It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun) to house all the other thoughts I had in my head. Then last week, we returned from vacation. And as friends asked how it was, I realized I needed to start a travel blog…and I did (Near and Far…and Places In Between).

So here I am. Blogging up a storm. I can’t stop. And I don’t even want to try.

Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun Blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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