Week 2 – First Swim Lessons

Week2swim In case you’re wondering (after reading my last post on this subject)…yesterday was another proud day for Pappa and me at our girls’ swim lesson. What a difference a weekend could make! I was so worried about L not wanting to get into the pool for week 2 of her swim session. We really want our girls to want to learn to swim.

On the drive over to the club from preschool, both girls seemed excited to go swimming. I got them ready to hop into the pool a good 10 minutes before class so they requested a little playtime in the wading pool. I let them, hoping any fear would be worked out before the teacher showed up. When it was time for class, both eagerly ran (Ugh! I keep telling them not to do that!) to the big pool.

K is starting to frighten me. Now that she is comfortable in the deeper water, her lack of fear is tempting her to jump right in without anyone to catch her. L was just as eager and quickly moved next to the pool as well. There was no hesitation on K’s part to push off the underwater platform into a prone position, kicking her legs, head skimming the surface of the water. L tried as well but didn’t quite get her feet out from underneath her torso. Each looked over to me for encouragement and validation after every “move.” I was quite effusive in my applause for all the “tricks” they accomplished.

Then, the moment of truth arrived. L had to go potty. They had been in the pool for 5 minutes. This was the chance she’d taken in the previous two classes to plead her way out of the rest of the lesson. I led her to the restroom while K continued with the lesson. L mumbled something about not wanting to go back into the pool.

“But Mommy has been so proud of you swimming in the water. You are learning to swim so well,” I replied. “Mommy loves watching you swim, babygirl.”
“Oh, OK, Mommy,” L said.

I left it at that while she finished. I didn’t push it. I didn’t want to say anything that might make her change her mind. She didn’t. As soon as I got her suit back on, she ran (ugh, that running again!) back to the pool. Yay!!

Pappa showed up a couple minutes later. A broad grin spread across his face as he saw both our girls in the pool. Of course, L and K noticed and stopped what they were doing and waved. They certainly love their Pappa. I mentioned to him that I had just taken L to the potty and back to the pool. He was thoroughly impressed…and relieved. We laughed and applauded. A proud Mommy and Pappa for sure.  [Crossing our fingers for the rest of the week.]


Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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