A Rose For You

Roseforyou_2 So I was inspired by a comment on my personal site just now. As a new blogger, I’m always curious about who is visiting my site other than family and friends. So, I clicked on over to one of the last visitors and found Vered – MomGrind’s site who had just posted a few shots of her gorgeous roses. I thought, what a grrreat idea! In fact, just last week, as I was playing around with one of my newer camera lenses, I shot a number of pictures of my roses and their accompanying leaves. The tiny droplets of rain on the leaves were especially cool.

I’ve never been a gardener. That whole green thumb thing was not passed on by my parents. They spend hours in their garden planting flowers, pruning roses, and doing whatever else gardeners enjoy doing in their yards. Me? I love beautiful flowers. Roses are certainly among my favorites. I *love* a bouquet of roses and fresh flowers. They truly brighten my day. But taking care of them has never been my forte. I can thank our most excellent gardening company for making sure our front yard maintains its curb appeal from all the blooms.

Right now, our girls’ preschool teachers are the ones reaping the benefits of our blooming garden. L and K absolutely love picking flowers. They wait for me, however, when it comes to the roses. It’s one warning they’ve actually complied with – one day, I showed them what the thorns look like and they easily imagined how a boo boo from one of those thorns might feel. So, about two times per week, I cut flowers for them to take to school. It’s always fun to give away flowers to people who truly appreciate them.


Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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