So Ironic…Gone For 2 Days…

Bh08125x125_0_0So, I’m indulging in a purely me-thing right now. I’m at the 2008 Blogher Conference in San Francisco. "T" is taking care of the girls and mommy is off with her mommy friends networking, socializing and learning all kinds of interesting things about the blogging world. Two free nights without worrying about whether there’s time to give the girls a bath. Two free mornings from chanting, "Sit down and eat your breakfast," and worrying over what to put in the girls’ lunch boxes for the day. Two free nights of hob nobbing and hangin’ out with fellow mommies at Silicon Valley Moms Blog and its sister sites…and various other mommy bloggers.

And yesterday, when I said, "Have fun today!" to the girls before their stroll to school and just as I was about to pack my bag, I felt a pang of sadness. Wow. A couple free days from mommyhood and I was having second thoughts about leaving "L" and "K". "T" is totally capable of taking care of their every need so, it’s not that. It’s reality. It’s ironic. We mommies long for free time away from the kids and when we get it, we simultaneously feel angst that we won’t see them for a while. And I have a feeling it will always be that way.

[p.s. More posts and photos from our weeklong trip to Yosemite, Mono Lake, Disneyland and San Diego to come…I promise.]

Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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