Growing Up to Big Girl Beds

Img_1867_blog_2 It was about time. Some would say way beyond time. But what can I say? The girls never complained until now. Until we returned from Disneyland. Until we returned from the Kids’ suite complete with bunk beds, mid-size futon-type couch, TV and pint-size table for drawing at the Orange County Hyatt Regency.

“Can we take these beds home with us, Pappa?” “K” asked so innocently.

“T” and I looked at each other and sighed. We knew it was past time. It’s not that they didn’t still fit in their cribs at 4 years old. It’s just that they’d never complained. Whenever we travelled and returned home, they excitedly jumped back into their crib, happy to be home…in their own bed. Sometimes during a trip, one would say, “Mommy, I want to go home. I want to sleep in my own bed.” I figured they weren’t quite ready to switch out of their cribs…even after the many bunk beds, full- and queen-size beds they’ve shared on various trips.

They’ve always loved climbing in and out of their cribs. Ever since they first started climbing out of their cribs at 17 and 19 months old, they’ve been  perfecting their technique, attempting to reach and jump down from higher and higher points on the crib. Their pride was obvious the higher they got to jump down from (onto the carpeted floor). We’ve kept the side of the crib down when they figured out the climbing in/out technique.

Unlike other things where a “rule of thumb” seemed to exist to give parents a heads up on when whatever development phase was about to happen (like when to start solids with your babies, when to put them in pull-ups, when to start potty-training, and so on and so forth), we decided to let our children let us know when they were ready to move up to real beds. Seriously, they really liked their cribs. In fact, just this morning, “L” said that she didn’t want to have a new bed. I assured her that she was growing and growing and she needed to have a big girl bed so she wouldn’t run out of room while she slept. “K” couldn’t wait to climb into her top bunk.

Img_1868_blog Everything arrived yesterday. I won’t go intoImg_1872_blog_2 the excessive  rearranging and clearing out of furniture, toys and stuff we finished before the delivery of said twin bunk beds and the “collection.” That’s right. We did not buy them cute little tot-sized beds. We went for the “collection” because that’s how they were sold at Baby Super‘s Going Out Of Business Sale. I have to say, this is a beautiful set and one that’s going to last them until they go off to college, whether they want it to or not. heh heh heh  It’s a very nice maple wood set complete with student desk with hutch and reading table with hutch. We also purchased a 5-drawer dresser in the same light maple finish (from a different “collection”). Beautiful.

A trip to IKEA last weekend to purchase bed linens and one to CostCo for the mattresses (FABULOUS price – $149 for a twin-size mattress!) and we’re they’re set. For now. Until their first real fight over who gets the top bunk. “K” has been claiming it since we bought the bunk beds a week ago. I’m sure that “L” will want the top bunk as well…if only to spite her sister. Oh well. I already told them they’re going to have to take turns every couple weeks…oh, every other Tuesday, say…when the maid service comes in to clean the house and change the linens.  😉

Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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