Mono Lake Driveby

Quicktrip_img_6984_blog_2It wasn’t really a driveby. We did stop for an hour or so on the way to Bishop. Hadn’t been there in years and the girls had never been. Good place to stretch our legs and see how the tufa were doing.

While the concept of tufa was a little interesting for “K”, it was the lizards and flies that captured their attention. Camouflaged lizards darted on and off the wooden boardwalk while the girls tried to catch them…for a little while. There was a small tour group being far more serious about the surroundings than the girls, so we told “L” and “K” to be quiet while we were near the group. They thought this meant they could run off ahead of us, out of earshot. Oh well. At least they couldn’t go far.

They stopped short of the swarms of tiny flies along the shore. A very necessary part of the entire ecosystem but the girls weren’t amused. Ick! But they were certainly fascinated by the meandering paths through the high grass. While they explored, we were free to photograph the scene to our heart’s content.


We arrived a couple hours later than planned and, it turns out, it was a good thing. The light was much nicer in the late afternoon bringing out golden hues in the surrounding rocks and deeper blues in the water.

But the girls were ready to move on once we left the shore. They knew the next stop was Bishop for dinner and sleep and then the visit they’d been impatiently anticipating – Disneyland!








Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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