The Circus Came To Town

Circus_img_2036_blog Guess what we did yesterday…we went to the Circus! Circus Vargas, that is. “L” and “K” were soooooooooo excited. They jumped up and down screaming, “Circus! Circus! Circus!” three times over. Their first circus was in Norway last year during our vacation. This one was quite different. Kinda light on the animals (only a rather large horse, and teeny, tiny dogs) but there was a very cool, yellow boa constrictor (“L” was bummed she didn’t get to “feel” it).

Our afternoon started with a little lot of popcorn. “L” can eat this stuff morning, noon and night. And cotton candy – pink and blue (don’t want to think of the sugar, food coloring, preservatives and well, junk in that stuff). Then, there was a little kids’ show in the ring. “L” and “K” got to balance a peacock feather, do hula hoop (need to work on that one, didn’t quite have the rhythm for it) and wave colorful scarves around.


We went for the best seats in the house – right up front in the middle. I knew we would be in danger of being picked for some clown’s skit…and we were. Well, “T” was. He’s such a performer. Got a little video of it. hahahhaha

A high-flying trapeze act, the sphere of speed (two motorcycles riding inside a sphere – amazing), the Movie Magic clown act starring “T”, juggling, high jumping twists, turns and flips on the trampoline, and much, much more. It was a 2-hour show with intermission and we were mesmerized.


Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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