Big Breakthroughs In Swimming

Breakthroughsswimming_2Oh, we are so proud! Thanks to “T”‘s determination and recognition of the fact that “L” was simply afraid to sink…she is now a water-safe little swimmer, just like her sister. We always knew that physically, “K” and “L” are both capable of doing everything the swim instructor showed them. “K”, as usual, is just mentally a bit bolder at the prospect of any physical endeavor. Diving in [pun intended] is exactly what she does when she gets a chance. Show her once and she’ll try it out. “L”, on the other hand, adds a think-about-it phase before joining her. Sometimes, this thinking phase takes a little longer. Boldness and caution. Generally, not a bad combo to have between twin sisters but Mommy and Pappa really want the girls to be water-safe and learn how to swim.

“T” worked with “L” over a couple after-swim-school sessions (he’s such a great pappa) and as before, something finally clicked in “L”‘s mind. She realized that it really wasn’t bad to sink because – she knew how to swim underwater! And this is what “T” worked on with her (swimming underwater), making it really fun (because that’s how he always does things). He dove underwater with her just a little bit at a time…going deeper each dive…until finally, she was picking up the rings from the bottom of the pool floor. He did this several times until she was screaming to “Do it again, Pappa!”

Then, she figured out that if she followed what the instructor said, she could swim above the water. If she sank, well, that’s OK because then, she would get to swim underwater again!

Poor “K”. I saw that she was beginning to feel a bit jealous and left out. Sure, we applauded her and encouraged her just as much when she first caught on to the whole swimming and diving thing while “L” floated with a noodle (or any other flotation device). Now it was “L”‘s turn and “K” wanted to know why we weren’t clapping for her – which we were still but she was getting a little sensitive to the exuberance we showed for “L”.

It didn’t matter that I reminded her of how much we applauded her when she first started swimming and diving…or that we were still excited about how well she had improved her swimming and diving. Nope, she just noticed her sister getting a bunch of attention when previously, it was mostly on her.  [heavy sigh] She got over it, though, when “L” wanted to jump off the side of the pool and dive underwater with her…and somehow, all was well again. Whew!


Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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