Happy Birthday, Pappa!

Birthday_img_4099_blogGratulerer med dagen, Pappa! A rare treat for the family, “T” celebrated his birthday in Oslo this year. It started off with the traditional waffles for breakfast – yum! (I enjoyed the fact that I was off birthday waffle duty this year. To make sure this happens every year, I’ve had to get up pretty early in the morning.) “L” and “K” quickly made special birthday drawings for Pappa.

Farmor and Farfar had planned a family get-together for the afternoon, leaving us time to check out a nearby river before the festivities. “K” and “L” were going  a bit stir crazy since the rainstorm began in the morning. Once it cleared up, we had to get outside. A runaway cow greeted us as we entered the parking lot. “L” couldn’t wait to pet her. After a fall that ended with me sitting in the mud, the camera leaving a red mark on my forehead and a skinned knee throbbing painfully when I touched it, the stop turned out to be quite a picturesque one.

Back to the house to meet cousins and relatives and snap a newer version of the grandparents and grandchildren picture that has graced their walls for the last 2.5 years. Then a quick whole family one (minus one sister-in-law) for everyone to have. Oh how I love family gatherings.










Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls.


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