Visiting the Family Cabin In Hallingdal

Cabinvisit3No electricity. Running water from the nearby brook. No street lights. A short 1/2 Km hike from the carpark. An indoor outhouse with a growing compost. Rustic in every non-Tahoe sort of way, I *love* spending a few days there whenever we visit the Norwegian side of the family. There’s just something comforting about staying in this relatively remote cabin.

We started coming here when I first met “T”‘s parents in Norway – pre-children – over 10 years ago. “T” told me several stories from his youth and it was easy to see how special this place was to him. Of course, there have been several additions and improvements over the years but nothing has diminished the rustic or heartwarming quality of this family getaway. Being so far away, I sometimes envy “T”‘s brothers and sisters being able to take their families there with Farmor and Farfar for a few days or weeks. How “L” and “K” would *love* it!

In this particular visit, “T” made sure that we were all remembered by printing off photos from our stay in Hallingdal to be included in the cabin’s photo album. And, we all joined the wall of height – measurements of each of us written on the cabin wall with the dates. Yes, this is far more interesting for tracking the girls’ growth than for us but imagine “T”‘s surprise when he found he was a scant .3 cm taller than he thought! In this family of giants, every centimeter certainly counts!

“L” and “K” were especially excited because “M”, their 5-year-old cousin, joined us for the trip. She has been their best playmate since they arrived, playing together almost everyday. “M” lives next door, so the frequent visits are quite easy to manage. When she does have to go home for dinner or at night, the girls often question her absence, taking for granted that she should be there to play with whenever they’re around.  So if she had not accompanied us these last few days, I’m sure the “Mommy, I miss “M”,” chants would have been non-stop.












Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls. MommyTwinGirls may also be found at Mad About Multiples recounting the unique joys and challenges of raising twins and at Solheim Photography, posting her latest favorites from her photo shoots.


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