Langedrag_img_3899_blog This is fast-becoming one of my favorite stops near the family cabin in Norway. It’s a wild animal park/farm. What I love about it, besides the animals and how much “L” and “K” get such a kick out of seeing them, is the whole way it is designed. It’s very rustic in architecture with traditional Scandinavian-style buildings. The lands where the animals roam are quite extensive, so you don’t have that cagey, hemmed-in feeling one might feel in a typical zoo. Of course, this means that you may miss seeing some of the animals when they’re hiding in the bushes beyond the viewing areas but oh well.

We first visited Langedrag a couple years ago. But this day was an especially fortunate time to stop by. Not only was it on a weekday (less visitors), we happened to be there when they were feeding the moose (including a baby one), the wolves, the Arctic fox and the Gaupe (Lynx). It was truly fascinating and something we missed on our first visit.

The girls especially liked roaming inside the gated area where the livestock such as horses, cows, pigs, musk oxen and a rooster hung out. It was highly amusing to see the awe and joy in the girls’ eyes. It’s not everyday they get to pet a pig, talk to the horses and run after a rooster. They stared at but stayed far away from the musk oxen and I don’t blame them…not very welcoming animals. At 4 years old, seeing animals of all kinds is a special treat.

All were a little leery of the 2-year-old male moose that the guide fed. It was very, very tall and all stuck close to “T”…though “T” was also dwarfed by the full height of the moose. An amazing experience to be so close to such a proud animal. This visit was truly special.





– This baby moose was a little hungry and knew food would be found in our hands…sooooo many Kodak moments.



– This guy is a 2-year-old moose and the pappa of the baby one above.



– “T” had never seen a moose so close before…he was soooooo excited.


– The wolves knew it was feeding time.


– After we all took off to watch the feeding of the Gaupe (Lynx), “T” stuck around and caught these shots of the wolves fighting over the leftovers.





– Feeding time for the Gaupe…



– and the fox…



Original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post by MommyTwinGirls. MommyTwinGirls may also be found at Mad About Multiples recounting the unique joys and challenges of raising twins and at Solheim Photography, posting her favorites from her latest photo shoots.


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