The Flume Trail Ride Was Not To Be

Flumetrail_img_6270_blog…at least for now. “T”, the great adventurer was disappointed. He couldn’t wait to ride the Flume Trail in Tahoe. The bikes were loaded on the back of the truck and we were set for our 4-night-stay in Tahoe-Donner. The weather looked perfect – sunny yet cool.

“T” and I have not attempted this rather challenging ride since we first met…which means it’s been over 10 years (and I won’t say how much over). It’s one where after the 4-mile climb at the beginning of the 14-mile ride, you are rewarded with spectacular views and a flat lap around Marlette Lake – the perfect spot to eat lunch and take a breather. The last 10 miles are flat and downhill…albeit a little nerve-wracking for those afraid of heights.

This time, “T” was towing an extra 150 lbs.+ He was on his mountain bike with the twin tagalong – “L” and “K” pedaling madly behind him. And of course, there was the backpack filled with our Canon 40D (not a lightweight camera), 4 bottles of water and assorted snacks. He’s always careful about the weight on my hips and back (what a great husband, huh!) so I was solo on my mountain bike.

In total, we biked and hiked the gradually upward sloping dirt trail up to the bottom of the last BIG hill…and turned back. Not only because my hips had had it (Tylenol was wearing off) but because we had already been stopped by another biker who strongly suggested that we do not do the Flume Trail with the Tagalong in tow. In fact, he said that the park ranger had already turned one family around the previous day who had only a single tagalong. Though there would be technical parts along the trail requiring us all to get off and walk, they were more concerned about the condition of the trail itself. At this time of the year, there would be lots of soft sand – easily making any rider lose their balance and their wheels off the side of the steep vertical drop on one side of the path.

It was at this point that we remembered our last trip down the Flume Trail was in July…after the snows had melted and the ground was relatively hard. Apparently, there had already been a few riders who miscalculated with the soft sand and gravel and slid down the steep side of the mountain this year.

So yea, “T” was disappointed and had to curb his enthusiasm. As it was, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the return trip to Spooner Lake (the starting point) screaming with excitement for Pappa to go faster. It was all downhill and fast…well, except for those soft, sandy spots and bark-filled dips (where my bike almost slid to the side and I decided to slow it down). Anyway, the girls are only 4 years old and there will be plenty of opportunities to do our family bike trip down the Flume Trail.





An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post. MommyTwinGirls can also be found at Solheim Photography posting favorites from her latest photo shoots, recounting the joys and challenges of raising twins on Mad About Multiples and contributing stories of her foibles and triumphs in mommyhood at Silicon Valley Moms Blog.


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