Finally – Pro Photos of My Family

Christmas 2008 Well…sorta. In fact, if another pro photog ever reviewed some of these shots, they’d probably say, “well, you should have had a wardrobe consultation with them…” but such is life. My brothers aren’t into photos and neither are they into dressing up. But we got what we got and we’re not going to throw a fit (paraphrasing one of our daughters’ favorite sayings from school). ANYway, we’re pscyhed to have nice photos of my parents and the grandkids all together. We’ve talked about this for years but actually getting together to go to a studio to do it was an impossible task. Luckily, we have our own gear and didn’t have to travel any further than my parents’ living room.









An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post. MommyTwinGirls can also be found at Solheim Photography posting favorites from her latest photo shoots, recounting the joys and challenges of raising twins on Mad About Multiples and contributing stories of her foibles and triumphs in mommyhood at Silicon Valley Moms Blog.


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