Finally…A Decent Santa Photo

2008 Santa Claus Visit_Upload It took what, 4 years? This really *has* to become one of the classic milestones in a kids’ life – sitting on Santa’s lap, excited and curious and happy. It didn’t happen for us until our girls were 4 years old. We didn’t even try it at 1 year old. At 2 years old and 3 years old, they couldn’t move fast enough to get away, so the screaming cries ensued. We knew, though, there would come a magical year when the girls would love this particular experience. For them it was 4 years old. This year, as a matter of fact.

Both “L” and “K” smiled sweetly for the camera while they excitedly told him of their wishes for Christmas. And since there was no one else in line, they had a much more lengthy conversation than poor Santa expected. I heard snippets, “…Makayla my horsie…”, “…I ride my unicorn at night…” and knew that they had both delved into tales of their daily lives. Since they had the time, why not tell Santa all about their best friends?

In my excitement, I went for a package that I mentally told myself, “no way,” before the picture people took a single shot. But it was a simple thing to do and once I realied that the CD would be included with all copyrights transferred, well how could I resist? Besides, I knew that print needed to be fixed. The flash overexposed the shot and the girls were washed out…nothing a little Photoshop couldn’t fix. And now that I’m in the business, I didn’t have the heart to scan and print the image myself…without permission.

Anyway, here it is…aren’t they just the cutest?

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post. MommyTwinGirls can also be found at Solheim Photography posting favorites from her latest photo shoots, recounting the joys and challenges of raising twins on Mad About Multiples and contributing stories of her foibles and triumphs in mommyhood at Silicon Valley Moms Blog.


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