Our Winter Vacation In Tahoe

IMG_7099 copy I’m still here! Really, I am. It’s just been hectic with the many, many things to do to start a new year. But hey, if I’m away from here, it usually means there’s been a lot going on and lots to share. First – what a fantastic winter vacation this year! From Dec. 26th thru Jan. 3rd, we stayed in a beautiful, perfectly-situated home in Tahoe Donner. The brainstorm for this trip began with my buddy David, an old high school friend of mine. He is one of the handful of high school classmates that I still keep in touch with. If I’m planning early enough, we usually get together whenever we visit my parents in San Diego. Likewise with my friend, Beth…though she lives in Arcata, CA and teaches at Humboldt State University.

This is the first time we’ve been able to join in the collective gathering of old high school buds. David has been so good about spearheading these get-togethers and since we would have stayed in Tahoe for the New Year anyway, it was just so perfect – perfectly timed, perfectly planned, perfectly located…just, well, perfect!

We were literally walking distance from the Tahoe Donner ski resort and just a couple miles away from the Tahoe Donner Cross-Country Ski Center. Add to that a pefect little sledding area to one side of the house, a zipline on the other (OK, well, maybe that wasn’t in the plan per se, but it did spur the imagination of many a person in our group), a view of the mountain run at Tahoe Donner Ski Resort from several windows in the house and you can be certain that everyone was easily entertained during the week.

And yes, the girls’ ski abilities improved tremendously – downhill and x-country – over the course of the vacation and we can’t wait to head up there again.

Here are photos from the first few days of our stay. See how much fun we had –

IMG_7099 copy

IMG_7103 copy

IMG_7120 copy

IMG_7002 copy

IMG_7003 copy

IMG_7008 copy

IMG_7037 copy

IMG_7073 copy

IMG_7070 copy

IMG_7032 copy

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