The Tooth Fairy Comes To Visit

ItsNeverEasy_ALToothFairy_IMG_8949 Already? Yup, that’s right. Two days ago (and then again today), the tooth fairy made her visit to Storyteller (“L”). Early? Yup. She’d had her first tooth at only 5 months old so it’s expected that she would begin to lose her baby teeth early as well. Usually, it’s at 5-6 years old but she’ll probably be ahead of the general population of those her age in this respect.

I’d prepared for this day…polling other moms on what the tooth fairy was leaving for baby teeth these days. Times change, children share stories…it helps to know such things so I wouldn’t be caught off guard. What I found was unbelievable – talk about a huge, I mean HUGE discrepancy among tooth fairy gifts. $100? $50? $10? I was shocked. My mind was thinking 25 cents, allowing for over 40 years of inflation. I could’ve sworn my gifts amounted to 5 cents? A dime? A quarter? I’m not sure exactly but I’m pretty sure that even a dollar would have been uncommon.

For the record, Storyteller received a shiny gold $1 coin in her little red heart-dotted organza bag underneath her pillow. And she did not display the excitement I thought she would in the morning. You see, she had taken a quick look and didn’t see the gold coin. She thought it was still her tooth and was very disappointed. Only when she finally let me see the bag did she realize that there was indeed a coin in there and not her tooth. To which a huge smile and a much brighter attitude lightened her descent down her bunk bed ladder.

Not 2 days later (today), her second tooth came out as she crunched on an apple. She gave it to me for safekeeping until she could put it under her pillow tonight. And so she sleeps, with expectations set for her morning surprise.


An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.


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