The Name Changes

ItsNeverEasy_TheNameChanges_IMG_6165 copy OK, OK, I thought I’d write a little more about my girls’ name changes rather than just throwing them out there for you to figure out. You may have noticed that I came up with a couple new monikers for the girls. “K” is now Songwriter and “L” is now Storyteller. Why the new names? Ease of use…or I should say, typing. It’s a real pain in the butt to always write those apostrophes after a while…and not using the apostrophes meant that the single initial might get lost in the whole story.

Why did it take me so long? Well, I’d wondered at what I could come up with that would be uniquely them. Both of them are exposed to the same things at home, in school or wherever we travel. And as you guessed, both girls are quite different. However, what could I call them at this young age…and perhaps into tweendom and the teen years…that when they learn to read, won’t embarrass them or make one feel happy and the other left out? Oh right. I know, I know. When they hit that magical age, anything I do is going to embarrass them.  <heavy sigh>

Anyway, they do a lot of the same things together but with completely different approaches. And there are many different ways to describe a thing that could be taken out of context and completely misunderstood – cautious or scared? Bold or careless? Shy or conceited? Assertive or bossy? So, I’m hoping that Storyteller and Songwriter can be relatively neutral monikers in that regard. Get what I mean?

Songwriter (“K”). For the past few months, both girls, particularly “K”, have been asking for piano lessons. [Yay!] But as I’ve tried to sit down with them to teach them the basics, their inability or lack of desire to listen to what I want to show them is nil. It’s probably because we’ve generally let them bang out whatever they like on our piano while composing lyrics as they went along, clapping at their creativity and excitement at performing for us. One day, after the girls worked diligently on their drawings, “K” proudly came up to me with her work in hand. I closed my eyes as instructed and ta da! It was a dark yellow piece of paper filled with black horizontal lines. Along each line were notes – ok, the same notes – but notes. She proceeded to sing her tune while moving her finger across the page. Songwriter.

Storyteller (“L”). Her imagination is endless. A simple question to her usually results in a new story about her latest adventure with Makayla, her [imaginary] horsey. Most of their jaunts take place at night when we’re all supposed to be asleep. Makayla is often her reason for being so sleepy in the morning and unable to get up on time. But it doesn’t stop there. Of the two, “L” is more comfortable playing by herself for long periods of time. I often overhear the conversations she creates between her dolls, animals and insects. One day, after another drawing session and several requests to staple this paper to that and sticky tape for another, “L” excitedly came up to me with her project in hand. I closed my eyes as instructed and ta da! There were the several pieces of blue paper stapled together and folded over, each page decorated with drawings, letters, stickers and the like. Her first book. She proceeded to read her book, moving from one page to the next, pointing out the related pictures and “words” to illuminate the tale. In fact, she took this same book to school and “read” it to her classmates (much to the amazement of her teachers). Storyteller.

At this point, I should point out that Storyteller also likes to sing and compose songs. Likewise, Songwriter has created her own books and read them to us. But you know how there’s one thing a person might do that kinda defines them? Well, I think these names will stick for now.

ItsNeverEasy_TheNameChanges_IMG_6167 copy

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.


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