A Lost Tooth and a Letter to the Tooth Fairy

IMG_0219 copy web Well, Songwriter finally caught up to Storyteller in the missing teeth department. A couple days ago, she lost her second one as she bumped her mouth on my car’s side view mirror (don’t ask). Excited? Oh yea. After the initial pain and blood (more than I thought there would be), she couldn’t wait to go home and put it in a bag for the Tooth Fairy. And Pappa and I had to stop forgetting to help her write a note to the Tooth Fairy.

You see, Songwriter lost her first tooth while on vacation at Lola’s and Lolo’s house a couple weeks ago. We were in the Caribbean and shocked at how quickly it all happened. I mean, when we left the Bay Area, there was no sign of a loose tooth anywhere in her mouth…though we thought it rather odd that her new teeth seemed to be breaking through while all her baby teeth all seemed solidly in place (guess not).

Anyway, on the phone with her one day, she mentioned her tooth was loose. The very next day it was gone…literally. They lost it. Ugh! (Time to shore up my Tooth Fairy stories.) A voice cracking with tears related what happened. Apparently, Songwriter had dropped it as she was showing it to her sister and it fell…right into a pile of broken shells. As small as that tooth was, it was difficult to distinguish the tooth from the shards of shells…I guess. Well, that’s the story we heard. ANYway, Songwriter had asked about the Tooth Fairy earlier and if the Tooth Fairy was going to be able to find them in San Diego. I told her I didn’t know because well, I didn’t. I hadn’t yet worked on that particular angle of the legend.

But later, I rallied and remembered that other moms had solved such problems with notes to the Tooth Fairy supervised (or written) by the respective parents. Whew! I’d told Songwriter that we just had to explain the situation to the Tooth Fairy and she will probably understand. It worked. In fact, she wanted to dictate the letter to us right then but we managed to hold her off until we got back home to the Bay Area.

Yesterday morning, Songwriter was ecstatic to find TWO gold $1 coins in her bag. She immediately placed the coins in her piggy bank for safe keeping. And we survived yet another visit from the Tooth Fairy.

IMG_0223 web

IMG_0225 web

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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