Out With Old, In With the New? NOT When It Involves Lamb-y…

IMG_2174 copy cropped They were only 6 months old when they first received their plush white and pink lambs, complete with soft rattle to help lull them to sleep. Now at 5 years old, only Songwriter has stuck to her pink lamb-y. Storyteller has since moved on to an entire collection of animals from lamb-y to tiger to dinosaur to horsies to unicorns to..well, you name it. But Songwriter has stuck with her lamb-y, affectionately named, “lamb-y,” sleeping with her every single night and everyday at naptime (when she *does* sleep). If anything, Songwriter might add one or two animals (such as her unicorn or horsey) to her bedtime collection but lamb-y is the one that holds that special place by her side day in and day out.

Years ago, such an obsession led me to search on the ‘net for a similar lamb-y. One that I could easily substitute into the bedtime or naptime routines to avoid that inevitable breakdown should we be unable to find lamb-y at those critical times of day or night. And believe me, lamb-y has wandered into many an unexpected location in our house and car.

Luckily, over the last five years, we’ve never had an occasion to insert the new lamb-y and in fact, it would have not been an easy exchnage over the last three years. You see, her grayed fur and shrunken sie are testament to the years Lamb-y has spent accompanying Songwriter on her daily jaunts in and out of the house. And as I was cleaning the closet the other day, I found the Lamb-y-in-waiting stuffed into a box, awaiting her turn at Songwriter’s side. What to do with it? We’d already given away the white lamb years ago because it was clear that Storyteller wasn’t as *into* her lamb as was Songwriter.

So, we gave the lamb-y-in-waiting to Songwriter and she was delighted. She had been complaining that Lamb-y’s fur had grayed and wanted her washed everyday until she sported her bright pink color again. I’d warned her several times that she will never again have that bright pink hue so when we gave her the “new” one, we thought she would certainly toss aside her “old” lamb-y. Not so…and I have to say that it warmed my heart.

I kinda felt that “old” Lamb-y had done so much to soothe Songwriter over the years, I didn’t want to see her tossed aside in light of the “new” one. Apparently, Songwriter thought the same. She embraced her Lamb-ys proclaiming that she loved them *both*. BUT her old Lamb-y will always hold a special place in her heart. In fact, old Lamby is the one that will continue to sleep with her every night…that is, if we can find her at bedtime which, lately, has been a challenge.

IMG_2177 copy cropped

IMG_2176 copy cropped

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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