Mommy, You Didn’t Have To Kill That Fly!

Fly Mean mommy! Actually, more like UNthinking mommy. Ugh! I swatted a fly in the kitchen this morning. Yes, that’s what I did. And Storyteller cried. Her big brown eyes filled with tears and her lips turned down in a very sad line as she berated me for it.

“Babygirl, flies are dirty. When they land on our food, they just make it dirty and we can’t eat it. They’re not allowed in the house,” I patiently explained.

“But Mommy, the fly does not eat our food. The fly eats poop,” she answered. “And it was so small and cute and you killed it! His name was Lolly.” And down the tears fell.  <heavy sigh>

Oh maaaaannnnnnnnnnn…I did feel bad about that. This is the daughter who LOVES all things animals and insects. She lovingly pets any rolly-polly or snail she happens upon (which made for a longer stroll to school). She names her little creatures and talks about them for days. Her tears didn’t last long, though, in the midst of the rushed morning routine of breakfast, teeth brushing and drop off at science camp. It will come up again, though. Of that, I am sure. Unfortunately, the whole “circle of life” thing doesn’t really apply here. I mean, I killed the thing (I hate flies!) and not for food or shelter.

I love that Storyteller sees the cuteness in many (if not all) things creepy and crawly. If they’re small, they must be cute seems to be her philosophy at 5 years old. And I’d love for her to hold onto that sense of wonder and caring for a while and not influence her with an adult sense of ickiness at the same sorts of things.

I guess this is just one of those things where I have to check myself. Something so routine, so ordinary as killing a fly will have to be tempered with a consideration for the tender feelings my daughter has for them.

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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