This [Hawai’i] Camp Was Better Than Watching TV!

IMG_3447 copy C hahaha High praise indeed coming from Songwriter. After we picked up the girls from Hawaii camp a few days ago in Maui (we’re home now), she followed that statement up with, “This was the best camp ever, Mommy, in my whole life! It was so much FUN!” This is three weeks of veteran day camp experience and 5 years of life experience talking here. <wink>

Even though it ended up that no hula lessons took place at Hawaii camp, she (and her sister) still had a great time. It could be that since they participated in the mini hula lesson before the Old Lahaina Luau, they were somewhat mollified with that particular requirement for vacation. (Truls thinks that the hula instructor had a case of “large swells” – waves, that is…at the beach. We’d hung out at a beach favored by many surfers while the girls were in camp.)

“The man was so funny. He made me laugh and laugh. I told him he was a big Cheese!” Songwriter smiled in memory. “And then he laughed and I laughed and everyone laughed,” and Songwriter cracked herself up again. She was referring to the guy that came to teach everyone how to play the ukulele.

So Storyteller, what was your favorite part of the camp?” I asked her sister.

Swimming in the pool and…[she thought for a moment]…catching a lizard!” exclaimed Storyteller. Typical. Anything that involves an insect, reptile or animal would certainly trump anything else the day had to offer.

And I liked making the necklaces with flowers,” added Songwriter.

Oh, you mean the leis?” I asked.

Yes, Mommy, arent’ they beautiful?” beamed Songwriter as she lifted them up again for us to crane our necks to take a look.

Yes, they certainly were beautiful. But even more beautiful was the fact that the girls had such a wonderful time. After a whole week with only Mommy and Pappa and no other kids to play with, we were happy they got to play with kids their own age. Don’t get me wrong. They loved having our exclusive attention all week racing the waves with them at the beach, swimming in the pool, playing cards at night, and the like but they’ve also asked whether there would be other kids at the luau or the aquarium, or other places. They’re rather social little girls and like making new friends. In fact, they made a new friend in Lily, at the aquarium. So, spending the day at Hawaii Camp (Keiki Lani at Fairmont Kea Lani) was a great “break” for them and a “more” relaxing day for us. And they are already talking about going back next year.

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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