The Golden Hour at Maui

IMG_8180 copy C2This was the golden hour…that hour before the sun sets and turns everything gold. It’s a fabulous time for photos on the beach and I wanted Truls to work his magic and capture Storyteller and Songwriter in all their joy running in and out of the waves and making sandcastles.

Did I mention that Truls tends to take more photos when we’re on vacation than I do? This is just fine with me…here are some very cool ones that made me sigh. They will soon be adorning one of the walls of our girls’ playroom. I can’t wait until they get here.

I haven’t yet gone thru the bazillions of photos we normally take (this week was no different) but here are a few. Beach and pool – those were the major ingredients for a fantastic vacation for our girls. They were in the water almost every. single. day. After a few days, Storyteller clearly preferred hitting the swimming pool while Songwriter wanted to race the waves on the beach. Don’t get me wrong, once both were in either location, they both had a ball.

For now, here are some beach ones. Pool ones to come in another post.

I LOVE silhouettes and the following two will be printed at 10″x20″ with a storyboard between them.

They’ll all hang on our girls’ playroom wall. Here’s Songwriter:

IMG_8181 copy C

And here’s Storyteller:

IMG_8226 copy C

I created this 16″x20″ storyboard for the girls’ playroom. It will sit between the silhouette images above. All of the photos were taken by Truls – he’s a pretty awesome photographer.

16x20SB ALMK

IMG_8184 copy C

IMG_8190 copy C

IMG_8191 C2

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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