A Byte Out Of Life (Kids and Technology)


Such an appropriate name for videos coming out of this part of the world, don’t you think? It’s another project I got involved in with my fellow Silicon Valley Moms bloggers. We’ve gone beyond writing our posts and are diving into videotaping them. Oy, as Jill would say. Bleeding edge…I say. hahaha Who woulda thunk that I would ever have gotten into this world where I virtually throw out my random thoughts and people actually read them? Well, this time, because of my association with the Silicon Valley Moms Group, I got to be part of this new trend…Vlogging (video-blogging, for those yet to educate themselves on this new trend…which would normally have been me).


Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I generally don’t like seeing myself in photos – a sentiment I share with many of my mom photography clients. heh heh heh (Talk about complete empathy. If I can make them relax and look beautiful in a photo, then you’d think I could do the same for myself. Yea, rrrrrrrrrrright…)  Anyway, this is the pilot series to A Byte Out Of Life. If interest, demand and funding are there, we’ll continue to do more of these videos on parenting topics that should appeal to a broad spectrum of readers and viewers.


What are these videos? They’re called “mom-versations.” How’s that for a new fangled word?
[Truls had his doubts…he always does. Such a skeptic he is sometimes on these sorts of things. But hey, as I wrote on another blog…never say never.  😉 ] ANYway, I’m going to link these videos to our family blog as I think they’re going to be quite thought-provoking and of course, relevant for many families. These are videos of moms just talking – on a specific topic in parenting, of course. Believe me, the conversations are real, unrehearsed, off the top of our heads – kinds of discussions. I should know. I was in one…and I didn’t have a script to follow – which was good and bad. haha We had to do a few retakes, mostly because of lighting and such but sometimes because we verbally stumbled so badly, editing the part out would have taken longer than it would to create the entire series! But seriously, take a peek when you get a moment. My vlogging debut isn’t scheduled yet but I’ll certainly let you know when it airs…cringing as I publish that little announcement.   ;-p

My friend, Linsey, was in this particular video on kids and technology. She seems to live on the bleeding edge of all things technology and families. A couple other fellow mom friends and bloggers, Xiaolinmama and Myrna were the other mom-versationlists (love that word!) offering their fears and perspectives. I absolutely LOVE hearing from moms with older kids – gives me a heads up on what to expect and plan for.


Anyway, a big thanks to Yahoo for supporting the SVMoms efforts in incorporating Vlogging into the blogosphere in a rather major marketing and funding way. Hope you enjoy them!


An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.


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