IMG_7443 copy CThe girls are currently into patterns. boy-girl-boy-girl or step-jump-jump-step-jump-jump – you know, that sort of thing. It’s a holdover from their preschool days. Recognizing patterns was just one of those lessons that stuck in their brains over the past few months. And so, it should come as no surprise that for the first three days in Maui, our pattern consisted of beach…pool…beach…pool…repeat. In that order. Oh sure, we left the resort, usually for dinner. But we really didn’t need to, in order for the girls to be entertained. But you know, we did have that list. Which we took care of later in the week.

Over time, it was clear that Songwriter preferred the beach while Storyteller would have rather hit the pool. Don’t misunderstand. They both had a great time at either spot. It’s just that if you asked them where they wanted to go, they were pretty consistent with their answers. I think that because the pool was heated, it was the best antidote to the cold showers they had to take outdoors before heading into the lobby. So, a quick [Who am I kidding? It was never “quick.”] dip in the pool would warm them up and of course, they just had to enjoy that warmth for a little while.

Pool play with Pappa is always an adventure. The girls especially LOVE jumping off of Pappa’s shoulders in the water. They get really good air. Check ’em out.

IMG_7527 copy C

IMG_7448 copy C

IMG_7451 copy C

IMG_7489 copy C

IMG_7492 copy C

IMG_7495 copy C

IMG_7533 copy C

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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