A Byte Out Of Life (To Separate Twins Or Not In School)

Oh nooooooooooooooo…it's here! My video is out! But guess what…I'm not cringing. In fact, they did a pretty good job editing everything together. Though it seems that I'm constantly blinking (which I am), I don't think I come off toooooooooooooo bad.   ;-)  ANYway, this one is on a topic near and dear to my heart – to separate twins or keep them together in school. We've decided to keep ours together in Kindergarten in August…but not all twins are alike. And the other moms in the video, fellow twins mommy friends and SVMoms bloggers, Akemi/SVTwinMom and Ana/Bonggamom, share different views on the subject because their twins are quite different from mine (besides the fact that they're boys). Anyway, click and watch and…enjoy!


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