A Stop at the Family Cabin in Hallingdal (Norway)

IMG_0192 copy Yea, I know how lucky I am. Being married to a Norwegian whose family is in Norway means we need to make a trip every year to the homeland so our girls can spend time with his side of the family. Tough, I know.  😉  Seriously though, if we want to keep their heritage alive, they really need to spend time with their relatives, even if they’re basically on the other side of the world. Though my husband is very, very good about making sure they experience the important traditions and holidays throughout the year in California (with the help of the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in San Francisco), there’s nothing better than visiting everything they hear (or are read to) about firsthand.

One of the things we love to do when we visit is head up to the family cabin in Hallingdal – about 2 1/2 hours away from Oslo. Here, Truls spent many vacations traipsing through the fields to fish or hike during the summers and falls and skiing up and down the hills in the springs and winters. So many childhood memories to savor and pass on to our kids.

Cabins are generally rather rustic compared to our version of cabins in Tahoe. Some families even prefer not to have electricity or running water in their cabins. We’ve been coming here now for 16 years (!) and the cabin has grown (a room was added) and running water has been run to the place (through a hose laid directly in the river that we used to carry buckets to and from). But there’s still a strong sense of peace and simplicity whenever we visit. Collecting wild blueberries around the cabin for dessert and breakfast, hiking around the fields, chasing petting stray sheep, fishing in the lake, taking turns on the wooden swing hanging off a tree, playing card games at night – it’s always a simple, entertaining stay.


An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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