No Stamina For Trick or Treating

IMG_5542 copyHahaha I have to say that at this point, I’m highly amused. I know this will change with time, perhaps even next year. But I’m enjoying it for now. We were out trick or treating for less than one hour and our girls were done. We hit two neighborhood streets and even then, only one side of one of the streets. But that didn’t matter. That was it. The girls were done. They wanted to go home.

“Mommy, I can’t even eat all this candy in my bag already. I want to go home,” Storyteller declared.

Songwriter could have kept going but she did not put up much of a fuss. My husband and I encouraged Storyteller to keep going to just a few more homes with such cool decorations, we couldn’t imagine our girls passing them up. She acquiesced only because she knew we were heading in the right direction – home.

In my old trick-or-treating days, I remember running around until I couldn’t take another step. I remember assessing how much space was left in my trick or treat bag, knowing I would not quit until I could barely close it. I carried a pillow case-size bag all night long and at the end of the night, it was heavy. But the best part of the night was the end. Coming home, dumping the bag and counting each piece to get a grand total – to compare with my brothers’ collections. The idea was to have *more* than my brothers. I don’t know why this became such a point of contention but it did. It was a friendly rivalry but one with much pride attached.

IMG_5549 copy
I was a little surprised that the girls did not stick it out longer. At 5 years old, the anticipation of trick or treating was filled with far more excitement than previous years. They could barely contain themselves as we waited for night to fall. When the first little princess appeared at our door just before dusk, Storyteller and Songwriter were beyond thrilled as they offered her handfuls of candy. Jumping up and down begging to get dressed and head out onto the streets, they raced upstairs to put on their costumes.

After we took annual photos of them with Mr. Bones sitting on our swing, the girls outlined our route. There were specific homes they just had to hit and they wanted to hit them immediately. Of course, we modified the route to be a bit more practical given the direction we would take but for them, any other house than the ones they chose were just extra.  IMG_5551 copy

After one circle around the block and no venturing into all the homes in a couple of courts, Storyteller declared again that she was done. We urged her on saying that the last pieces of candies were for the Halloween Fairy to take to the kids that didn’t get to go trick or treating (heh heh heh…yea, she’ll be visiting us again this year). That kept her going until we reached home.

HalloweenfairyMy husband and I were happy to call it quits. We had originally planned on a much longer path through the neighborhood but we weren’t going to argue. The stamina simply wasn’t there this year. No doubt it will be next year…along with a much greater appetite for eating candy (or collecting it).

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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