Back on the Slopes!

IMG_4169 copy It’s wintertime and you know what that means…back to Tahoe! This year, we’ve joined a ski lease and are too excited. We were able to leave all of our ski equipment and some of our gear at the cabin. In future trips, we won’t be stuffing our SUV to the gills. Moreover, we may have decreased our departure prep time significantly.

As in past years, we brought in the new year in Tahoe. We took advantage of an early stay at our ski lease house for a week. Our friends, the Tokic family, joined us for the latter part of our winter vacation.

Of course, the girls have already hit the slopes along with their cousin, Greg. This is the third time he has been able to join us for the week between Christmas and New Years day in the snow and the girls couldn’t be happier. He really improved his technique in the short time he’s been on skis… Must be nice to be an athletic 16 years old with boundless energy and strength. Those were the days…

Truls brought along a new essential for his skiing enjoyment – a GoPro videocam. I gotta say, though the quality of the video is impressive, it’s the various mounts and hands-free capability that make it particularly useful on the slopes – and anywhere, really. He can mount the thing on his helmet, his chest, his arm…anywhere. So, if you find yourself out on the slopes with him this winter, just know that you will be on candid camera. So smile sweetly. hahaha

at the tahoe donner cross-country ski center:

IMG_4155 copy

Truls took the girls and our nephew skiing at Sugar Bowl:

IMG_4181 copyb

proud pappa and our little speed demons:

IMG_4177 copyb

plowing down the mountain at Sugar Bowl:

IMG_4184 copyb

our nephew and the girls:

IMG_4174 copyb

Truls and his GoPro videocam:

IMG_4226 copy

More photos of skiing, sledding and skating to come…

An original It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog post.

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