Our Little Ambassadors

MAM_Ambassadors_IMG_0937 copy The capacity of a child to play is boundless. I’m not sure where I heard that quote but this summer, my twins proved that observation to be quite true. In perfecting their daily play ethic this summer, our girls became the little ambassadors of the neighborhood at my in-laws’ place. As twins, my girls have an extra oomph in their sense of security and assertiveness. Strength in numbers, as the saying goes.

We’re lucky that our twin girls have never really exhibited any signs of co-dependence. Sure, they hang out with each other a lot, though no more than any other sibling duo might. In past years at preschool and Kindergarten, they have separated naturally within the same classroom. But watch out if one feels the other is threatened in any way, by any one (including the teacher). Her sister is always within earshot and will come to back her twin up, if need be. As such, I think my twins have a sense of security when they’re together and this gives them the confidence to go out and meet other kids.

This summer, my brother-in-law and his family moved into the house next door to my parents-in-law. My girls were excited to have their cousins next door for playtime all the time. Then, a new family had just moved into the house on the other side of my parents-in-law’s home. The squeals of laughter as the kids jumped up and down on the trampoline drew my girls to the new neighbor’s front yard. They just happened to have a couple of kids around my daughters’ ages and soon, my girls were taking turns on the trampoline. Another couple of weeks later, my girls found the daughter of the neighbor across the street playing and joined in.

Quickly after, they (i.e., my girls, their two cousins, the two neighbors next door, and the little girl across the street) became one big playgroup running from one yard to the other. Imagine long games of hide ‘n seek among four different houses and yards. It’s a wonder they ever finished one game of hide n’ seek with the myriad choice hiding spots.

The thing is, as the kids got to know each other, so did us adults. Our girls playing in the new neighbor’s yard prompted my in-laws to meet the children’s mother, as well as my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. My parents-in-law already knew the neighbor across the street but here again, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law got their chance to meet them and realize that their second oldest son would be in the same preschool together as the little girl.

When I became a mother, I had not anticipated how large a community I would join by sharing the ups and downs of motherhood with other moms. And now that our twins are older, I hadn’t anticipated how much larger that community could become when our kids serve as its ambassadors.

Cross-posted from Mad About Multiples blog.


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