A Not So Spooky Halloween

A week ago, Songwriter borrowed a Halloween crafts book from her school library. She made me promise to help her make some Halloween decorations for the house. Usually, I’m all over any craftsy type activity. But Halloween is just not one of those holidays that gets my creative juices going. It’s probably because I don’t hold very fond memories of Halloweens past. All I remember is being either too cold or too hot during trick or treating, hating the mask I had to wear because I was constantly breathing into my own face, and deciding on what I wanted to be for the big night causing too much stress. It just wasn’t my thing…except for the candy, of course. But a promise made to my daughter is a promise that must be kept.

As you know, last Sunday was a rainy, stay-inside kinda day. I’d chosen the two easiest crafts from that book and purchased the materials a few days previous. A ghost and spiders. Looked easy enough. Looked spooky enough to mark the holiday. And it certainly started out that way. That is, until I handed over the basic materials to my girls to put together and decorate.

I instructed the girls to draw black eyes and a mouth on each ghost. The immediate response? “Do we have to use black? Can we use other colors?” And that’s when I knew these were not going to be ordinary ghosts. You can see them below. Dressed and accessorized…in their own creative ways.

The spiders? Well, that particular craft required more assistance on my part to complete. If the googly eyes weren’t so difficult to glue on, I’m sure that many jewels would have adorned each creature. As it was, these remained relatively simple and true to the instructions.

Oh and let’s not forget Mr. Bones. He was the real inspiration for the girls to want to create more Halloween decor. They didn’t want him to feel lonely hangin’ out on the front porch as he does every year. I’m just waiting for the day when our girls decide to dress and accessorize him as part of the Halloween prep. hahaha  The poor guy may never come back.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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