Thanksgiving = Food, Family, Friends, Football…and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

“The Real Story Behind Thanksgiving” was on the History channel on Thanksgiving. As we prepared the feast, we watched the show explain the true story behind the pilgrims having a rather large meal with the native Indians. The basic message was that it wasn’t as rosy, happy and simplistic as the stories told to children in grade schools. There was far more suspicion and an uneasy alliance between two very different cultures. However, the importance is that fellowship and peace did win out in the early going. And that’s what we all choose to remember and celebrate each year. The host on the History channel ended the program with, “Food, family, friends and football have all become part of the Thanksgiving tradition over the years.” To that, I would also add the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade – on TV, at least.

Ours is a little different than other American households. After all, ours is a Filipino-American one. We do have the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV while the cooking is underway. And we also watch the Dallas Cowboys square off against well, whomever. But when it comes to food, we much prefer lechon (pork roast) over turkey and pancit over stuffing. This year, Truls offered a couple of Norwegian favorites as well – freshly baked homemade buns and apple cake. And making fresh buns and apple cake is one of our girls’ favorite things to do.

Our annual trek south to San Diego is certainly about reconnecting with Lola, Lolo, uncles, aunts, cousin and Bantay (my parents’ dog). We don’t go down to San Diego as often as we probably should but Thanksgiving in San Diego is one holiday trip we don’t miss.


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