Starting Our December Traditions

Our Elf on the Shelf (aka Jonathan Dauphine, as named by our girls) is back. And with him comes a little better behavior for the month of December…well, until Christmas Eve, that is. His magical hearing and sight have served Santa (and us) well the last few years. He is watching…and listening.

Our morning routine in December adjusts with our holiday traditions. In fact, it inspires our girls to get out of bed as soon as they awake. After getting dressed, they rush downstairs to find where Jonathan Dauphine (aka Elf on the Shelf) has landed after his nightly visit to the North Pole to report on their behavior to Santa Claus. The morning discovery always results in squeals of laughter.

Next up, the advent calendar. We have two. First, they pick out the bit of chocolate from the grocery store bought cardboard calendar. Ok, so this one is a bit contrived and commercial but it’s still a nice little treat when the girls wake up. Then, off to check the traditional advent calendar sewn by Farmor (Norwegian for grandmother). This year, we (OK, Truls) decided to leave a short clue each day, a mini scavenger hunt for the girls. (Yes, they are big fans of The Amazing Race just like their parents). This is what Truls grew up with…his mom leaving a clue each day for each kid to find his/her prize. These have to be simple, of course. We can’t delay the morning routine thaaaaaaaaat long.

And finally, time to sit down for breakfast. While I love the holidays and how excited the girls get each morning, I have to be even more vigilant now with the morning routine. I am constantly haranguing my girls to sit down, eat their breakfast and to put away that toy/purse/crafts kit/silly band. But oh well. I guess it’s worth it seeing their excitement from the moment they wake up until they walk out the door to school. ‘Tis the season.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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