When Is Gingerbread Like A Carrot?

Well, that was one carrot I got to play well last Sunday. The agenda included looking for Jonathan Dauphine (aka Elf on the Shelf), check out the advent calendars for their daily chocolate and clue to their daily treat, watching Norwegian Christmas DVD’s, make cookies with Pappa, do homework, clean family room and only then could they decorate a gingerbread house!

It’s been that kind of holiday season thus far. Each year the girls have gotten older and more into the Myklebust traditions of the season. Gosh, it’s fun to watch. And they get such a kick out of every morning.

And Truls great new discovery? A pre-constructed gingerbread house kit. All I had to do was put the icing along the lines in the gingerbread pieces and let the girls have at it. Check out their masterpieces here.

Oh yea, and let’s not forget our own Jonathan Dauphine. He has been reporting to Santa nightly and landing in a different spot each morning. Our girls swear that they could see his eyes move.  bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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