A Happy Wintry New Year To You!

It is indeed time…time for our annual weeklong stay in Tahoe between Christmas Day and New Years Day. It’s been quite a few years now that we’ve made this trek – and included our nephew from San Diego. This year as last, we  invited close family friends of ours to stay with us. Their daughter is only two days older than our girls and they are rather close friends. And their 4-year-old son is just a kick to be around.

Our nephew from San Diego joined us as well. He has come quite a long way from when he first began and we stuck him in ski lessons. Now, he has the daring and skill to hit all the lifts and black diamond runs he cares to. Certainly helps to be young and athletic. He picked it up rather quickly…with Uncle Truls to help him with technique tips here and there.

The snow was/is fantastic. Not sure but I think this is the most snow we’ve seen in Tahoe at this time of the season. It bodes well for a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat ski season and luckily, we’re doing the ski lease again this year. Our girls are psyched. Not only are they continuing to gain more daring with each run, they absolutely loooooove the snow – sledding, skiing and just plain ol’ romping around in it. Seems the snow racers we gave them for Christmas are a big hit – and turned quite a few heads on the sledding hill. Bet we’ll probably see more of those on the hill later this season.

For now, here are a few images from our week in Tahoe…with more to come, of course.

And a Thank You to my dear friend, Cathy, for snapping a few photos of me snapping a few photos of her and everyone else.  🙂 Here’s wishing everyone a safe, happy, and healthy 2011 filled with lots of love and laughter!

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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