By A Cat’s Whisker

That’s how Truls summed up the latest last-minute morning dropoff at school. hahaha Yup, he is getting closer and closer and closer. It’s only a matter of time before he embarks on the first walk of shame with the girls to the front office to get a tardy slip (well, two of them since they’re in separate classes). First grade. They’re not that strict yet, are they?

We were worried about this year. School start? 8:15 a.m. First bell? 8:10 a.m. And no, you cannot drop your kids off before 8:05 a.m. You must be there to supervise them. A very small window of dropoff opportunity there.

We’ve been lucky over the past few years. Last year in Kindergarten, they were in the afternoon session that started at 11:30 a.m. It was by choice…my choice. I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks later, what a great choice that was. Literally everyone tries to get into the morning Kindergarten session. It makes total sense when both parents have to run off to corporate jobs and such. I’m far more flexible. Occasionally, I do have an early morning photo session but typically, most of my clients can’t be ready before 8:30 a.m. So, I chose the afternoon and of course, got it. It was a choice we wouldn’t have for the rest of their school careers.

While my mom friends were bemoaning the early morning dropoff schedule last year – not to mention the early early morning routine to get out the door – I was enjoying a cup of coffee and leisurely making their snacks for the afternoon. It was actually a break from the previous two years when preschool and pre-Kindergarten started at 9:00 a.m. But I knew the day would come when we would join the maddening rush to school each morning.

It hasn’t been all that bad. My husband and I have worked out a little morning routine. While I would prefer that he helped me get the girls going in the morning, the fact that he does the morning dropoff is the best help he can be. I hate dropoff. I hate the rush. I hate the stress of finding a parking space as close as possible to school (which really isn’t very close at all) only to grab our girls’ backpacks, hop out of the car and sprint to their classrooms. I don’t need that kind of adrenaline rush.

I enjoy those quiet moments after they’re all out the door. And it is really, really quiet. At least, it seems that way given the previous hour of: “Hurry up and get dressed! Sit down and eat your breakfast! Finish your milk! Brush your teeth! Brush your hair! Don’t forget your lunchbox!” (Repeated several times in the course of 30 minutes)

But that’s life, eh?

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  1. We are late all the time. If Big isn’t grumping around complaining (she’s not a morning person, at all,) Little will do her best to slow us down on the walk to school or putting on her shoes or something.
    We’ve been tardy enough that I got a letter from the school about it. It didn’t really say what consequences might be, more of a “get your kid here on time!” I try not to stress too much. It’s 2nd grade! The teacher knows our situation & it hasn’t affected Big’s school work or ability to keep up, so I do what I can, which isn’t much.

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