The *Only* Differences Between Boys and Girls

So, ours is a house of girl power. Truls and I are always on the lookout for any notions our girls may pick up anywhere that girls cannot do this or only boys can do that. It started a few years ago in preschool. Sometimes I think that kids say things just to test them out and see what kind of reactions they get. Sometimes, they say things they start to believe unless they hear otherwise.

At some point, our girls started talking about different occupations. Unfortunately, the people in the books are often men…leading them to believe that only boys can be police officers or firefighters and the like. Of course, we jumped on those notions immediately and taught them otherwise. But as they grow, new ideas are constantly thrown their way and we remain vigilant.

One day, Songwriter came home and at dinnertime, announced that she knew the one thing that boys could not do and the one thing that girls could not do. Our interest was certainly peaked. Would this be yet another supposition that we would have to refute?

Songwriter: Mommy and Pappa! I know something that boys can’t do! And I know something that girls can’t do! (We couldn’t wait to hear this.)

Pappa:  Oh yea? What’s that?

Songwriter: Well, boys cannot have babies! (She said this quite proudly.)

Mommy:  You are right! They cannot do that.

Songwriter: And you know what girls can’t do?

Pappa:  Yeeeeeessss?

Songwriter:  Girls cannot pee standing up!


If that’s the only thing they could think of that girls can’t do (at least at this point in their lives), well, I think we’re doing a pretty good job.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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