Valentines Day Rush…

Whew! It’s over. One single day. One significant day that requires multiples days of effort. Every. Single. Year. Oh all right, just the last three years but still. I find myself staying up past midnight (long after my girls have gone to sleep) the night before everything is due to double-check their numbers, finish up packaging and well, to make sure things can be easily transported by my girls and not forgotten at home. And yea, I do this to myself…every year.

There are some things I just can’t leave to the usual commercial  traditions. When our girls were in preschool, we got those 24-count Valentines cards from Walgreens to pass out to fellow classmates. Easy, yes? It could be…but I couldn’t let that be it. No, there had to be something special. So, I suggested we make cookies. What kid could turn down a cookie? And this was on top of the girls having to bring in boxes to hold the many Valentines they were about to receive from their classmates…which of course, needed a bit of decor.

The next year, I found these very cool heart-shaped cookies with a groove to include a stick in each. I also discovered these cute little heart-shaped brownie pans. And of course, those Valentines cards again.

Last year, I decided the girls were at an age where they appreciated having photos of themselves and their friends. So, I did a mini shoot with them, designed and printed out their cards…along with a little something from Affordable Treasures…and those heart-shaped cookies-on-a-stick and brownies.

This year? Well, I just had to do their Valentines cards again. And they couldn’t be anything like last year’s. Songwriter decided to make her little somethings for each student while Storyteller preferred to get a little something from Affordable Treasures for her classmates. And brownies. Heart-shaped.

I thought my role had diminished over the past few years. I mean, Songwriter made her little somethings to hand out. And now, Songwriter and Storyteller both sign their own cards, count them and tie up their own packages. Packaging 48 sets of goodies does take some time to do. But I think my own efforts will be drastically reduced when I stop myself from suggesting we bake something special. That particular process still requires my assistance. And designing the cards? Well, that’s my playtime so I don’t begrudge that effort.  😉 hahaha

Two different classrooms meant two different deadlines to have everything done. And that meant two late nights.  heavy sigh Makes me really appreciate February 15th.   😉

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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