Seven Years Old – A Birthday Party At Home

So, I’m late in putting up a post about my girls turning 7 years old…but I’m still within 3 months of their birthday, so I think I’m OK. hahaha  7 years old. Gosh, doesn’t it sound like one of those “milestone” birthdays? I mean, still innocent but questioning the rightness and reality of things? Part of that is school, I know, but most of it is simply that, they’re growing up.

7 years old seems like a significant number. It was one of those birthdays that should be extra special, I thought. So, I started wracking my brain thinking of something new and different to do – horseback riding, perhaps? A trip somewhere? Little did I know that my girls already knew what they wanted to do for their birthday party. They really, really, really wanted to have a birthday party at home. With the myriad places to have a birthday party – Color Me Mine ceramic lounge, the Art Beat art studio, West Valley gymnastics, a Karate studio – and more, how could they want to be at home, I thought. But home, they wanted and that’s what we did. I should say, however, that they mentioned Chuck E. Cheese and the Jungle Island but I put my foot down on those. I don’t have a problem with those places, per se. The girls have attended several fun birthday parties there. The main issue I have with those ideas is that the party should keep all the kids together. In those places, the kids are playing separately on different games when they’re not eating pizza or singing Happy Birthday.

We haven’t given a birthday party for the girls at home since they’ turned two years old. The initial reason was because we were remodeling our kitchen when they turned 3 years old and we had to go somewhere else. The Little Gym was a wonderful place for the next couple of years. We could invite up to 25 kids and have a rather large event where the entertainment was already provided and workers did all the clean up. Loved it!

The next year, we decided to change it up a little and opted for Color Me Mine. With a private room, all the kids were able to joke around and create their masterpieces together just before we served pizza, birthday cake and other sweet treats.

Last year, still in the creating art state of mind, we had a party at the Art Beat in Campbell. I particularly loved this place for a party. Not only did they stretch their creative brains by making clay animals, they got to sit on the same table together with an instructor leading their efforts and run off some energy in a back room complete with music and dress up props.

This year, however, my girls wanted to be home. I think they got the idea from going to birthday parties at other friends’ houses. Yes, I remember wonderful birthday parties at home in my youth. Back then though, I didn’t realize the effort that my parents put into them. And after just recovering from hip replacement surgery a few weeks earlier, I wasn’t sure I was up to it.

Can I just say – it was a blast! We’d hired the Amazing Vijay for the main entertainment but just before he began, we played a couple of games that made me wish that I could count on good weather every year for my girls’ birthday. We needed to simplify the games because the physical space available for 15 girls to participate was a bit limited. Pop the balloon and pass the orange – the giggle quotient was high during these games. I wish we could have played more.

The magician kept the girls screaming with laughter. By the time we sat down for pizza, birthday cakes, brownies, fruit salad and other treats after the show, the girls were hungry. We have a relatively large room for large dinners and were able to fit everyone in there with balloons and magic-themed decor.

Overall, it was a great success. I think that most of the girls would have liked to stick around and extend the party into a playdate. hahaha But that was enough fun for one afternoon. After all, there will be many more birthday parties to plan and next year, I’m kinda hoping they’ll want to stay home…again.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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