Our Aloha Fantasy Faire

Yesterday’s Fantasy Faire  made me start feeling like the school year is almost over. This week will be Open House in the classrooms, the annual Art Vistas art show the week after along with my little Daisy Girl Scouts crossing the bridge to Brownies, the last Mileage Club lunch walk of the year and more. But for now, we’ll just reminisce about yesterday’s event.

My girls are in first grade, soon they’ll be second graders. Not only have they learned a lot. so have I. As a photographer, I know I’m lucky to be able to have such a flexible schedule. It has enabled me to get involved in the school, help in the classroom, and understand more about these school events coming up. Last year, I didn’t really understand what the Fantasy Faire was about until we attended it and the girls had a blast. Yesterday, I signed up to help set up one of the booths and learned how much work and caring parents put into the event.

Each classroom creates a booth with some kind of simple game. The kids play the games and earn either small consolation prizes or a prize ticket. The prize tickets are the ones they collect until they’re ready to redeem them at the end of the night in the prize room. One of my girls’ booths was a bean bag toss. One parent had painted a 6′ palm tree on a huge wooden board and drilled a hole. The bean bags were tossed through the hole to win prizes. The other booth included a hula hoop contest. The longer you could do the hula hoop, the bigger your prize.

There was a booth for each classroom – ring tosses for lollipops, hockey shots, fishing for dolphins, coconut bowling and several variations of these games. And what fair would be complete without some kind of table for crazy hair? But the must win game for the girls? The cake walk. After seeing the selection of cakes in the morning for the cake decorating contest, Songwriter just had to win one. As soon as we got to the fair, she made a beeline to the cake walk. 3 rounds! It took 3 rounds before she finally won. Whew! I was a bit worried. I knew she didn’t want to leave until she won a cake. I could just imagine her spending all of her tickets on the cake walk. If she didn’t win, it would be a long night.

We were doubly lucky with that cake walk. After we ate dinner, Storyteller just had to win a cake as well (oh, the joy of twins!). So, off they both went. Ugh. All I could think was, she better win one or it would be a long night. 4 rounds! It took 4 rounds before Storyteller finally landed on the winning number. I couldn’t believe it (I was never that lucky as a kid.). Thank goodness! Now we could move on.

The girls entertained themselves for the rest of the fair. They ran from booth to jumpy house to booth to giant slide to booth and so on. They had one or more friends in tow as they sprinted here and there. We, as parents, got to hang out and chat. It’s a rare opportunity we get to just chat without our attention being torn in several directions. Such fun.

And the girls’ perfect ending to the night – a stop at the book fair. And they know I could never resist buying a few books here and there.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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