Alone Time At the Movies

Have you ever walked into a movie theater when it’s been completely empty? And I’m not talking about anyone that has worked in a theater (I did that during one summer vacation in college). Talk about alone time. If you ever want a real escape from the daily routine of life, particularly one that includes small children, go see a movie…by yourself…in the morning or early afternoon. Better yet, make sure it’s fictional…like ones with superheroes (assuming you were enamored by them when you were a kid, like me).

Alone in a huge theater meant to seat hundreds of patrons. A screen large enough to fill most of your field of view. It’s easy to forget the tasks and responsibilities of the day for just a couple of hours. “Thor,” and “Green Lantern,” were my escapes in the last few weeks. I loved comics when I was growing up; fascinated by super powers; mesmerized by the battles between good and evil; and inspired by the triumphs of the good guys. The worlds created by the moviemakers are the stuff of imagination, so different from reality. Lives are simple. The choices are easy.

Yes, I do enjoy other movies more grounded in reality that explore the challenges of the day whether here or other countries and cultures (like my husband). But seeing a superhero movie is pure entertainment for me; a short trip back to my childhood. And I’m looking forward to Warner Brothers/DC Comics, Disney/Marvel Comics and other movie producers rolling out even more. Bring them on!

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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