Summer Vacation 2011 – Rain…Again

Vacationing in the Caribbean in the off-season has its ups and downs, I have to say. On the up side? Almost everything is less expensive. Plane fares, availability and costs of places to stay, open tables at the best restaurants, no crowds to contend with, empty beaches, minimal traffic and more, I’m sure.

The down side? The weather. Rain, thunder, perhaps lightning. And in this area, hurricanes. If you’ve traveled through Europe during the summer, you get quite used to the occasional shower here and there. But the next hour (or day) will likely be sunny, warm and filled with bright sunshine, the clouds completely forgotten.

And here in St. Martin, we’re living with the down side right now. In fact, we’ve lived with it the last few days…except for yesterday (in fact, a great day for boating as we did…fodder for another post). The nice thing is that it is certainly comfortable, wet yes, but not cold. We still walk around in shorts and t-shirts and look out for puddles everywhere. It’s not really a problem to go swimming in the pool as well – you’re going to get wet anyway.

And just like at home, we got stir crazy hangin’ out in the villa all day. Time to take a drive. Not a lot of people strolling in the streets but there were many cars cruising; probably feeling just as cooped up as we were. Several streets were flooding, slowing all the cars down to a crawl for short stretches along our route.

But hey, it’s all part of the experience of traveling in the off-season to a Caribbean island. At least, we’re not here during the hurricanes.

We kinda thought today might be a good day to see the fort at the top of this hill but thoughts of wet gravel and muddy paths deterred us from such a thing. Another day….

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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