Summer Vacation 2011 – Souvenir Shopping

Well, when the weather doesn’t cooperate and a wet forecast proves true, what’s the next best thing to playing cards and games at home? Souvenir shopping, of course. And our girls just looooooove it. hahaha

We tried a little sightseeing but there were several flooded roads, making it not so easy or quick to get around the island. And there weren’t any kid-authorized movies for us to see. So, souvenir shopping it was for our little antsy, stir-crazy family.

Our little shopping venture also became a teaching opportunity and math practice for our girls. We gave them a budget to work with and they chose their own purchases. We told them that whatever they got had to remind them of their St. Martin vacation – we were hoping this would derail any requests for things like stuffed animals that they could easily find at home. I think they did a rather good job – sea shells, a purse out of coconut shell, bird house made of coconut shells and reeds of some sort, handmade flutes, keychains with St. Martin/St. Maarten written on the, etc. etc. etc. It was quite fun. Brought back memories of my own childhood collections of stuff I’d get from souvenir shops as we toured the States.

An original post to It’s Never Easy But It’s Always Fun blog.


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